ELTAlgeri@Exams 2011


Comprehension                                                                      (07pts)

    A great deal of care goes into the ancient tradition of couscous making it more than just a simple food dish: flour is rolled, rubbed and worked; a process which calls to mind the tides of history slowly mixing the habits and traditions of the Maghreb people.

     From Africa to Italy, Europe to South America – couscous has travelled and continues to travel in the hearts and traditions of people. Today, it is one of the examples of world food which has travelled more than other types, but has also, adapted entirely to the local kitchen. 

      Couscous has not taken over the local customs but rather has been absorbed to become a local delicacy; it is an example of tolerance to us all, today more than ever. It has brought two important words together – love and peace.


1/ Are the following statements true or false?

a)      Couscous is made of flour.

b)     Couscous originated from America

c)      Couscous is a famous food.

d)     Couscous is a symbol of war


2/ Answer the following questions according to the text.

 a)      How is couscous made?

b)     Why is couscous considered as a world food?

c)      What is the role of couscous in history?

3/  What do the following words refer to in the text.

a)      it (§1)                                     b)    words (§3)

4/ Choose a suitable title to the Text.

a)      The Culture Behind Couscous

b)     Couscous Recipes

c)      Couscous


A)    Text Exploration                                                                (08pts) 

1/ Find in the text words closest in meaning to the following.

a)      Meal (§1)                                           b)   Kinds (§2)                     

2/ Find in the text words opposite in meaning to the following.

a)      Modern (§1)                                           b)    war (§3)              

3/ Add the right suffix to each word to form an adjective.











4/ Combine the following sentences with the provided connector.

A)    In the past women used to produce couscous at home. Today they buy it in packages. (whereas)

B)     Pizza is a famous and common meal for many people. Some restaurants serve couscous as the most expensive meal. (However)

5/ Classify the following words according to the pronunciation of their final –ed

worked – rubbed- tolerated-travelled










6/ Reorder the sentences to make a coherent paragraph.

a.       an expert mixture of wheat and vegetable juices.

b.      Once a king fell hopelessly ill

c.       The king quickly got well and could reign in peace

d.      and promised to make him

e.       and had sleepless nights.

f.       A famous doctor came before the king















Part Two: Written Expression                                                     (05pts)

Choose one of the following topics.

Topic 1:

 You are a journalist who was invited to attend a couscous festival in Italy, use the notes below to write about one of the important events below.

-          International competition of the best couscous.

-          September 25th, 2006.

-          Sicily.

-          100.000 visitors, 70 journalists, 8 countries.

-          Jury composed of food experts.

-          Best Couscous Prize awarded to Algerian Chefs Sidali Lahlou & Touria Chab.

Topic 2:

Write an interview with Sidali Lahlou to congratulate him for the best coucous prize and ask him about his successful recipe.

                                                                        Miss K.Mezough

                                                               Hamou Boutlelis High School




PART I: READING...... (/ 14pts)


Read the text carefully then do the activities:

The soccer World Cup story involving France and Ireland goes on. The striker at the centre of the controversy has said a replay between the two nations would be fair. Thierry Henry broke Irish hearts in the second leg of the World Cup qualification match. He clearly handled the ball to keep it in play, then crossed it for his compatriot William Gallas to head into the back of the net. This put France into the Finals in South Africa in 2010. The Irish players sat on the pitch at the end of the game in tears and disbelief. Henry’s celebrations were muted. He sat with Irish player Richard Dunne in the centre of the field and admitted the handball.


The Irish prime minister and foreign secretary have asked FIFA for a replay. The sport’s governing body, however, said this was out of the question. The French Football Federation also said they do not think there should be a rematch. Henry is being compared with Argentine striker Diego Maradona, who handled the ball into the goal to send England crashing out of the Finals in 1986. Maradona famously told the world it was not a handball but the “hand of God”. Henry said in a press conference he did not handle the ball on purpose. He also believes a replay of the World Cup play-off would "be the fairest solution" but said it was out of his control.                                                 

                                                                                       Breaking News English                                            November 21st, 2009

A.    Comprehension: …. ( / 7pts)

1.      What type of text is the reading passage? Tick the right answer.

a.      a policy statement           b.  an article           c.  an interview              d.  a radio talk


2.      Are the following statements true or false?

a.      The story of France and Ireland World Cup qualifications has not yet finished.

b.      Ireland is qualified into the Finals in South Africa in 2010.

c.       The French Football Federation asked the FIFA for a replay.

d.     Henry resembles Maradona in handling the ball into the goal.


3.      Read the text and answer the following questions.

a.      Which country has qualified for South Africa World Cup?

b.      How has this country qualified?

c.       Did the FIFA accept the Irish prime minister’s request?


4.      What or who do the underlined words refer to in the text?


5.      Choose the general idea of the text.

a.      The 2010 soccer World Cup takes place in South Africa.

b.      FIFA punishes Thierry Henry.

c.       Thierry Henry admits replay with Ireland fairest.


B.     Text Exploration: …. ( / 7pts)

1.      Match words and their synonyms.

  1.      football

  2.      compatriot

  3.      replay

 4.      crashing out

 a.      countryman

  b.      rematch

   c.       losing

  d.     soccer

2.      Find in the text words opposite in meaning to the following.

denied ≠............   (1§)                                     local ≠...........   (2§)


3.       Complete the table with the missing words.





To govern




To believe











4.      Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

In olden days, children (use to / spend) ... their free time in listening to folktales or playing with pebbles. They (not use to / know) ... any kind of today’s sports. However, today most of these children (to prefer) ... either playing football outdoors or stick to TV screens when a sport event invades the world media. In the coming decades, some of these sport events like soccer World Cup (may / to have) ... great impact on whole countries.


5.      Classify the following words in the table according to their vowel sound. (

                                        world – heart – keep – sport

/ i: /

/ɜ: /

/ɔ: /

/ɑ: /






6.      Fill in the blanks in the passage with words from the list to make it meaningful.

                                   Algerian – countries – between - stoned

The conflict has burst out … Algeria and Egypt since a bus carrying the Algerian football team was … in Cairo. Egyptians were also attacked by Algerian fans in Khartoum and Algiers. This stirred the Egyptian media to launch its “escalating media campaign” against … authorities. The latter worsened the relationship between the two … and put Egypt in a real crisis.


PART II: WRITING…. (/ 6pts)

Choose one of the following topics.

Topic 01:  You are one of the journalists who attended the soccer World Cup qualification match between France and Ireland. After the match you had an interview with the French striker Thierry Henry. Complete the interview.

You: You have led your country to South Africa Finals. How do you feel?

Henry: ……………………………………………………………………………

You: Do you think the Irish will admit the defeat?

Henry: …………………………………………………

You: …………………………………………………....

Henry: …………………………………………………


Topic 02: You contributed to a competition for your school magazine. You are asked to make a profile about entertainment habits in your city / country. Write the profile.

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